* Volodymyr Perzhylo Heritage

international project aimed at preserving private memory in digital culture

10 facts about the SOUND iD project:
    Offers a multi-angle view of cultural heritage, the experience of forced migration, collective memory and national identity - through the work with sound
    Provides access to audio and video recordings that no one has ever heard or seen before
    Forms a common space for the humanities, digital technologies and modern art
    Creates an open online media archive of Ukrainian folklore based on material collected in the territories of Ukraine, Poland, Russia (Zhovtyi Klyn)
    Within the residency, brings together curators, artists and researchers from 4 countries: Belarus, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine
    Stimulates the introduction of modern technology in the field of culture, will help to preserve important historical artefacts for future generations
    Makes history living, interesting and understandable, contributes to the development of oral history in Ukraine
    Develops a responsible attitude to the past by giving the private evidence the status of historically important
    Entered the top three winners of the competition for the grant support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation 2019 (the N.O.R.D. program)
  • Supported by Ukrainian and Polish state institutions of international importance

Dream Projects Interdisciplinary Center presents an international project on the preservation of private memory in digital culture - SOUND iD. It is based on the work of the ethnographer and folklorist Volodymyr Perzhylo - audio and video recordings that nobody has ever heard or seen before!

The researcher devoted his life to the search, study and preservation of folklore traditions and the ethnocultural heritage of Ukraine. Having made numerous field expeditions, he created an archive with exceptional examples of oral history — audio and video recordings of meetings with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, separated with borders and scattered throughout the world. In addition to these recordings, there are photos, publications and private letters of Volodymyr Perzhylo.


With the collected materials and documents and through the preservation of private memory and elements of intangible culture, SOUND iD provides the opportunity to expand the common historical reflection and offer a multi-layered look at the experience of forced migration and traumatic events of the twentieth century, a culture of critical understanding of history and national identity.


Within the project, they hold an international artistic residency and create an open online media archive, aimed at joining the efforts of the media companies and researchers from various humanitarian disciplines to find new ways of presenting the ethnographic heritage of Volodymyr Perzhylo with the help of modern technology and art.

The archive of Volodymyr Perzhilo – is a portal to our historical past, an opportunity to break through the time and reconstruct the voice of the nation – in girly songs, household conversations and street sounds.


Project curator

Victoria Danelyan

an art professional specialized in international contemporary art, and is currently working in Kyiv. Engaged in the research and development of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary forms of contemporary art in Ukraine. Supporting startups aimed to develop art and culture in Ukraine.​

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