Curatorial Portfolio
Victoria Danelyan

  • Art curator, consultant on art and culture projects management.
  • Member of the Board of the International Association of Cultural Managers "Culture and Creativity", supported by British Council and the Program for EU-Eastern Partnership
  • Assessor for culture programmes in British Council (Ukraine) 
  • Trainer in Cultural Leadership Academy (Goethe-Institut Ukraine, Ministry of Culture in Ukraine)
  • Сo-founder of NGO "Dream Projects" - the interdisciplinary center of art and culture development (Ukraine, Georgia)
  • Сo-founder and curator of the project "Dream Museum" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Curated Exhibitions and Projects


Sound exhibition on the thirty-third anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster 

by Evgeny Rogozin

Minsk, Belarus

Kyiv, Ukraine


Two parallel exhibitions held in the capitals of the two neighbouring countries that were most affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. 

Minsk: Memorial Museum-workshop of Zaire Azgur 
Kiev: Museum-workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze


Exhibition curators: Pavel Voynitsky (Belarus), Victoria Danelyan, Tatiana Tsvilodub (Ukraine)

research, work with museum exposition, exhibition

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Kavaleridze. RE: VISION

​International artist-in-residence program

Kyiv, Ukraine



research, work with museum exposition, exhibition, publication, art-residence, curatorial meetings, round table, presentation of the project

together with Ivan Kavaleridze Museum-Workshop
with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
​in partnership with Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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“Sergei Paradjanov - the XXI century dream”
interdisciplinary curatorial project

2013 - present

With the support: Ministry of Culture (Georgia) Tbilisi City Hall (Georgia), Georgian National
Museum, Lviv City Administration (Ukraine), Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland), Polish Modern
Art Foundation (Poland)
research, international exhibitions, publications, art residence, festivals, curatorial talks, video

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● "Violence - 340", the audio-visual installation and curatorial talk by Victoria Danelyan,
Museum-workshop of I.P.Kavaleridze, Kyiv, Ukraine (2018)
● Art residency "Shade of Freedom", whithin the framework of II International Parajanov
Festival in Levandivka, Cultural Center "Suputnyk", Lviv, Ukraine (2017) - co-curating
with Polish curator Sarmen Beglarian ”Biuro Wystaw”, Polish Modern Art Foundation
Artists: Mateusz Kowalczyk (Pl), Grzegorz Kozera (Pl), Sergey Shabohin (BY),
Bazinato (Bazil) (BY), Zhanna Gladko (BY), Olga Salakheyeva (BY), Pavel Nekhaev
(BY), Meki Giorgadze (GE), Maria Magoly (UA), Anastasia Kulik (UA)
● Visual part in of II International Parajanov Festival in Levandivka, Cultural Center
"Suputnyk", Lviv, Ukraine (2017)
● Catalogue - book presentation, Museum-workshop of I.P. Kavaleridze, Kyiv, Ukraine
● Catalogue - book presentation, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Tbilisi 2016
● “Hospitality” the scale multimedia installation by Victoria Danelyan within the S.
Parajanov’s festival in Levandivka, Lviv, Ukraine (2016)
● Multimedia installation for GOGOLFest - Kyiv, Ukraine (2015)
● International curatorial art project "Sergei Paradjanov - the XXI century Dream":
international collage-exhibition, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia, (2015)
Co-curator Tatyana Tsvilodub (UA), Lika Mamatsashvili (GE)
Artists: Guga Kotetishvili (GE), Yuri Mechitov (GE), Olesya Tavadze (GE), Oleg
Timchenko (GE), Nino Chubinishvili (GE), Irma Sharikadze (GE), Guram
Tsibakhashvili (GE), Vakho Bugadze (GE), Mamuka Japaridze (GE), Vadim
Advadze (GE), Erna Dolmazova (GE), Salome Elanidze (GE), Zhanna Davtyan
(GE), Grigor Devejiev (GE), Vasily Kostenko(UA), Ivan Kostenko (UA), Eugene
Remizova (RU), Ula Bugaeva (Pl/UA), Alla Zhmailo (UA), Mark Polyakov (USA).
● Curatorial exhibition “Sergei Paradjanov - the XXI century dream”, Dream Museum in
Kyiv, Ukraine (2013)

Author of idea, curator
“Dream Museum” art project
Kyiv, Ukraine

2011 - present

museum of intangible values
visual exhibitions, performances, theatre, music, new-media, sound, workshops, lectures,
cinema-club, conferences, artist talks, book presentations, literature evenings, readings, informal
education (contemporary art, art history, photography, psychoanalysis, science, linguistics,
cinema, philosophy, animation etc.).


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“Go(o)d Artist” art and research project
experimental and socially engaged art project

2016 - present

The idea of this project is to explore and demonstrate how we decide that the artist's career is
successful and he/she is really a good artist, and that the value of his/her works is not overpriced.
We don't have any common rules, any unified aesthetics in contemporary art. For example,
artists can be without any specific education.
But we still do have brands like:
Artist's name, Museum name, Gallery name, Dealer’s name, Auction House name.
And we use them to present ourselves in our CVs to make an impression and to form the opinion
about the artist shortly.
New York, USA
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“Tell me Your Dream” art and research project
video interview, video-art

Kyiv, Ukraine
2009 — 2011

The series of short films is the introduction to the idea of Dream Museum.
​Interviews mixed with video art exploring the attitude to the phenomenon of
dreaming. The way we think and talk about our dreams. How we interpret them. What we know
about ourselves while dreaming?

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SOUND iD project is implemented

with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Our partners:


  • National Center of Folk Culture "Ivan Gonchar Museum"

  • Culture&Creativity Association

  • Congress of Cultural Activists

  • Youth Center "New Orbits"

  • Cultural and art center "Suputnyk"

  • The Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

  • Media agency "UniversalMediaGroup"

  • Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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